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Sechel Ventures provides rich and informative content that addresses specific educational questions in fields with strong outlooks, such as medical technology. While on average, the BLS projects that opportunities will grow 4 percent across all occupations from 2019 to 2029, in medical technology the outlook is much stronger, with demand for clinical laboratory technologists and technicians expected to increase 7 percent over the same timeframe, nearly twice the average.

On MedicalTechnologySchools.com, the Sechel editorial team addresses trends and dynamics in medical technology, since as said technology evolves, so too will the careers associated with operating it and interpreting its output to formulate diagnoses. In addition to addressing questions about occupational futures, the team also focuses on how to prepare for those careers today, covering broad requirements down to the niche specializations, and provides a glimpse behind the educational curtain with interviews and curated lists of unique programs, learning opportunities, and professors educating the technologists of tomorrow.

Seth Restaino
Seth Restaino Co-Founder

Seth Restaino has devoted the past 20 years of his professional career to software consulting and educational web publishing, and runs production and engineering for Sechel Ventures, which he co-owns with Barry.

Barry Franklin
Barry Franklin Co-Founder

Before co-founding Sechel Ventures Partners LLC, Barry Franklin was a VP at a Silicon Valley software company. He is an investor and advisor for DataSimply and Impellia. Barry believes that education and lifelong learning are paramount. Barry met his wife at Carnegie Mellon University and they have two beautiful daughters. He also volunteers for various committees at his kids’ high school.

Jocelyn Blore
Jocelyn Blore Managing Editor

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Jocelyn traveled the world for five years as freelance writer and English teacher. After stints in Japan, Brazil, Nepal, and Argentina, she took an 11-month road trip across the US, finally settling into lovely Eugene, OR. When Jocelyn isn’t writing about college programs or interviewing professors, she satirizes global politics and other absurdities at Blore’s Razor (Instagram: @bloresrazor). Thank you for being interested.

Aimee Hosler
Aimee Hosler Writer

Aimee Hosler is a long-time journalist specializing in education and technology. She is an advocate for experiential learning among all ages and serves as Director of Communications for a non-profit community makerspace. She holds a degree in journalism from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Becca Brewer
Becca Brewer Writer

Becca Brewer is building a better future on a thriving earth by fostering healing, human wholeness, and next-world building through storytelling help, one-on-one self-awareness workshops, and customized team-alignment sessions. She offers these services at a rate of $0.00 to anyone interested (contact her at rkbrewer@gmail.com for more information). Previously to her journey as an adventurer for a just, meaningful, and regenerative world, Becca was a formally trained sexuality educator with a master of education.

Bree Nicolello
Bree Nicolello Writer

Bree is an urban planner and freelance writer based in Seattle, WA. She has worked on land use and housing policy issues throughout the Pacific Northwest. She previously led Run Oregon Run, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Oregonians run for office and apply to boards and commissions. When not writing, she is lovingly tending to her cast iron pans.

Farheen Gani
Farheen Gani Writer

Farheen Gani is a freelance writer, marketer, and researcher. She writes about technology, education, and marketing. Her work has appeared on websites such as Tech in Asia and Foundr, as well as top SaaS blogs such as Zapier and InVision. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter (@FarheenGani).

Kenneth Parker
Kenneth Parker Writer

Kenneth Parker is a feature writer, poet, and musician living in the Pacific Northwest. His writing on remote work, education, and technology has been published by BustedCubicle.com, MedicalTechnologySchools.com, and other websites. His poetry, short fiction, and album reviews have appeared in Scifaikuest, Nanoism, and No Clean Singing. His background includes time spent as an associate editor, proofreader, private grammar instructor, freelance content editor, medical claims agent, and SEO consultant. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where he studied literature and worked as a composition tutor.

Kimmy Gustafson
Kimmy Gustafson Writer

Kimmy Gustafson is a freelance writer with a passion for sharing stories of bravery. Her love for world-traveling began when her family moved to Spain when she was six and since then, she has lived overseas extensively, visited six continents, and traveled to over 25 countries. She is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French. When not writing or parenting she can be found kiteboarding, hiking, or cooking.

Lisa A. Eramo
Lisa A. Eramo Writer

Lisa A. Eramo, BA, MA is a full-time freelance healthcare writer specializing in health information management, medical coding, and regulatory topics. She regularly contributes to various healthcare publications and assists clients with healthcare content development, including blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, and more. Visit her website at www.lisaeramo.com.

Maggie O’Neill
Maggie O’Neill Writer

Maggie O'Neill is a journalist from Northern Nevada, specializing in interviews and educational feature stories.

Matt Zbrog
Matt Zbrog Writer

Matt Zbrog is a writer and freelancer who has been living abroad since 2016. His nonfiction has been published by Euromaidan Press, Cirrus Gallery, and Our Thursday. Both his writing and his experience abroad are shaped by seeking out alternative lifestyles and counterculture movements, especially in developing nations. You can follow his travels through Eastern Europe and Central Asia on Instagram at @weirdviewmirror. He’s recently finished his second novel, and is in no hurry to publish it.

Nina Chamlou
Nina Chamlou Writer

Nina Chamlou is an avid freelance writer from Portland, OR. She writes about economic trends, business, technology, digitization, supply chain, healthcare, education, aviation, and travel. You can find her floating around the Pacific Northwest in diners and coffee shops, or traveling abroad, studying the locale from behind her MacBook. Visit her website at www.ninachamlou.com.

Rachel Drummond
Rachel Drummond Writer

Rachel Drummond is a freelance writer, educator, and yogini from Oregon. She’s taught English to international university students in the United States and Japan for more than a decade and has a master’s degree in education from the University of Oregon. A dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner, Rachel is interested in exploring the nuanced philosophical aspects of contemplative physical practices and how they apply in daily life. She writes about this topic among others on her blog (Instagram: @racheldrummondyoga).

Vanessa Salvia
Vanessa Salvia Writer

Vanessa Salvia is an Oregon-based freelance writer and editor with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. As fun as rigorous studies in math and science were, Vanessa took an independent path and developed a prolific career covering lifestyle topics for magazines and newspapers, important industries such as concrete construction and building waterproofing, and even hard science. You can get in touch at www.sagemediaandmarketing.com.

Experts Interviewed on MedicalTechnologySchools.com

Cheryl DeRosier Martin, MA
Cheryl DeRosier Martin, MA

Cheryl DeRosier Martin is the chief knowledge officer at AHIMA where she is responsible for developing AHIMA’s knowledge as an asset to the company and its members. She has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and served as the chief information officer at both Tuomey Healthcare System and Kingman Regional Medical Center before joining AHIMA. She holds a bachelor of applied science in health information and medical records, as well as a master of arts in health information management.

Christina Gardiner, PhD
Christina Gardiner, PhD

Dr. Christina Gardiner has served since 2018 as a Professor in the Department of Healthcare Services Management at the University of Maryland Global Campus, College of Business & Management. She is the President of Summit Healthcare Advisors and has over two decades of executive healthcare experience. She has taught a variety of subjects including healthcare administration, public health, quantitative and qualitative analysis, finance, and business management.

Dr. Gardiner has advised both private firms and nonprofit organizations on issues related to value-based healthcare, healthcare system competition, market allocation, patient safety, and health policy. She is known for being a trusted consultant, educator, and subject matter expert on complex healthcare systems as well as evidence-based interventions that support public health responses.

Over the past five years, Dr. Gardiner has conducted over 100 speaking engagements on topics related to value-based healthcare, public health preparedness, and neurological disorders. She also engages in public health projects such as large-scale nursing home evacuation preparedness, conducts Alzheimer’s research using artificial neural networks, and performs data analysis for nonprofit organizations and post-secondary institutions.

Deborah Josko, PhD
Deborah Josko, PhD

Dr. Deborah Josko has been the director of the medical laboratory science program at Rutgers University, School of Health Related Professions in New Jersey for the last eight years, and has been an associate professor at the university for 24 years.

Dr. Josko earned her master of science in molecular biology from Georgian Court University and her doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She started out in the field as a medical laboratory technician and then became a clinical microbiologist at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey before she started her career in education.

Dmitry Beyder, MPA
Dmitry Beyder, MPA

Dmitry Beyder is a certified nuclear medicine technologist, who holds a master’s degree in public administration (MPA) from New York University. He has been a member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) for 20 years, and during this period worked for major academic facilities such as the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Oregon Health & Science University, and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

In his role at those facilities, he provided direct patient care and was a nuclear medicine leader for more than ten years. He is currently a program manager for outpatient radiology. He has authored many papers and continuing education presentations for SNMMI annual meetings and has been chair of a number of committees for the SNMMI Technologist Section.

Douglas S. Laher MBA
Douglas S. Laher MBA

Douglas S. Laher is the Chief Operating Officer at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), where he provides strategic oversight for all functional divisions and service lines. He received his BS in respiratory therapy from the Ohio State University and his MBA from Ashland University.

Prior to his term as COO with AARC, Laher had 16 years of service with Cleveland Clinic, where he worked as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT), a respiratory clinical instructor, and director of respiratory care. Laher has also served on the board of directors of both the Ohio Society for Respiratory Care and AARC.

Gabrielle Francois, CT(ASCP)
Gabrielle Francois, CT(ASCP)

Gabrielle Francois is an American Society for Clinical Pathology-certified cytotechnologist. She completed her post-baccalaureate certificate in cytotechnology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is currently pursuing a master’s in health informatics from the University of San Diego.

In March of 2020, Francois took advantage of the flexibility working in cytotechnology can offer and took a position as a traveling cytotechnologist. When not working, she spends time exploring the new cities she gets to live in and writes about it on her blog “The Traveling Cytotech.” She routinely posts pictures of the cells she analyzes on both Facebook and Instagram. With her years of experience, here is the advice she has for new cytotechnologists.

Jennifer Murphy, EMT
Jennifer Murphy, EMT

Jennifer Murphy has been a volunteer EMT in Brooklyn, New York since 2018. In addition to her EMT work, she maintains a parallel career as an investigator, crisis adviser, and author. Her writing has appeared in Mississippi Review and Wrath-Bearing Tree, Forbes, and the New York Post.

She holds a BA from Syracuse University, an MA from the University of Chicago, and an MFA from New York University.

Joe Hamel, MS
Joe Hamel, MS

Joe Hamel is the Strategic Innovation and Emerging Technology Manager for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). He received his BA in molecular biology from Colgate University and his MS in biotechnology from John Hopkins University.

Prior to joining the ASPR, Hamel worked as a biologist for the US Army, where he also served as a team leader and chief of planning and policy. Later, Hamel was a program director for the Department of Homeland Security, and then a program manager at Johns Hopkins University’s applied physics laboratory. You can find him on Twitter (@JoeHamel9).

John Richey, MBA
John Richey, MBA

John Richey is an AHIMA Academic Affairs Subject Matter Expert with a wealth of experience in health information professional practice, academic program development, teaching, and membership association leadership. His 36-year career features leadership and management roles in health information management, coding, revenue cycle and chargemaster, and occupational health services.

Mr. Richey founded two academic programs: an associate degree program in health information technology, leading the program to CAHIIM accreditation, and a master of science in health informatics program.

Mr. Richey serves as the Staff Liaison for the AHIMA Professional Certificate Approval Program (PCAP) and the Council for Excellence in Education’s (CEE) Graduate Resource Alliance. He is a past president and distinguished member of OHIMA (Ohio). He is also a doctoral candidate in the biomedical informatics program at Rutgers University.

Karen Langan, RCIS
Karen Langan, RCIS

Karen Langan is the Clinical Coordinator of the Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) Program at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

Over an 18 year career in endovascular care, she’s provided care at several different cath labs, and brings experience in carotid interventions, high-risk cardiac repair, CTOs, congenital defect repairs, TAVRs, and electrophysiology procedures. Langan earned her diploma in invasive cardiovascular technology from the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

Kevin Craycraft
Kevin Craycraft

Kevin Craycraft is the vice president of the Association of Surgical Technologists’ board of directors. The organization represents more than 80,000 surgical technologists and is a public advocate in the push to get more states to introduce requirements.

Craycraft is also the program coordinator and a professor of the surgical technology program at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky. Notably, he has been a certified surgical technologist for 32 years—14 years as a practitioner and 18 as a program coordinator.

Lisa Cremeans, MMDS
Lisa Cremeans, MMDS

Lisa Cremeans said she has been keeping tabs on the medical lab worker shortage since she became a clinical assistant professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill in 2013. She has more than 14 years of experience as a medical technologist, working in physician office laboratories, emergency medical services, organ and tissue donation services, and for clinical research organizations in clinical trials and post-approval pharmaceutical safety. She’s also a task force member for the ASCLS, which is seeking to address the clinical laboratory workforce shortage.

Cremeans holds her BA in clinical laboratory science, as well as a master’s in molecular diagnostic science from UNC at Chapel Hill.

Mark A. Bailey, MA
Mark A. Bailey, MA

Mark A. Bailey is an associate professor and program director in the School of Health Professions at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He earned his certificate in histotechnology at MD Anderson in 1988, and then went on to get his MA in education and humanities from Texas A&M.

A board-certified histotechnologist, Bailey is a member of numerous professional societies, including the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), and the National Society for Histotechnology (NSH), among others. Over the course of his career, he’s co-authored over a dozen academic papers and served on numerous institutional committees.

Peter Hotez, PhD
Peter Hotez, PhD

Dr. Peter Hotez is an expert on infectious diseases, co-director of Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, and was previously chair of microbiology at George Washington University.

A decade ago, Dr. Hotez helped create the National School of Tropical Medicine in Texas, where he is the dean. He also is the founding editor-in-chief of the influential scholarly journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

He and his team have worked on a vaccine for Covid-19.

Rodney E. Rohde, PhD
Rodney E. Rohde, PhD

Dr. Rodney E. Rohde is a widely published specialist of virology, microbiology, and molecular biology. He serves as the associate dean for research, department chair, and professor in the clinical laboratory science program within the College of Health Professions at Texas State University.

Prior to joining academia, Dr. Rohde spent a decade as a public health microbiologist and molecular epidemiologist at the Texas Department of State Health Services Bureau of Laboratories and Zoonosis Control Division.

Sam Hurley, MPH
Sam Hurley, MPH

Sam Hurley started volunteering as an EMT as a 16-year-old high school student, attracted to the idea of being able to help people in their hour of need. While his time as an EMT made him fall in love with healthcare, he quickly became frustrated with the role.

Hurley started getting paid work in EMS during college, after securing his paramedic certification. At the age of 19, he was one of the youngest paramedics in the state.

Hurley went on to gain a master’s degree in public health from the Emory University in Atlanta and his executive master’s in emergency and disaster management from Georgetown University. In 2017, he became the EMS Division Chief for the D.C. Department of Health, where he stayed for two-and-a-half years, before becoming the state EMS director of Maine in 2019.

Sanaz Eftekhari
Sanaz Eftekhari

Sanaz Eftekhari is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Research for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Over her 13 years with AAFA, she’s served in a wide variety of roles and connected with stakeholders across multiple industries, including patient advocacy organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical societies, research firms, and government agencies.

Eftekhari has also co-authored several of AAFA’s key research reports, such as “My Life With Asthma” and “Asthma Disparities in America,” which have been shared with researchers, medical experts, and policymakers to emphasize patient needs for treatment options, advocacy, and support.

Stephanie Johnston, MSRS
Stephanie Johnston, MSRS

Stephanie Johnston is the current president of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). But that’s only part of her dedication to (and passion for) the radiologic technology profession. She’s a working mammographer in Wichita Falls, Texas.

As president of the ASRT, she’s traveled across the world, sharing her passion for the profession, listening to the concerns and ideas of her fellow RTs, and keeping an eye on the future.

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