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These medical technology features offer insights from seasoned professionals in the field through interviews and expert-written content. They explore issues within specific medical field communities, what to know before entering various careers, and valuable perspectives from contemporary leaders and professors.
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While the intent of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) was to create competitive market-based laboratory testing rates, the methodology used by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) to determine rates is criticized as being highly flawed.

patient undergoing radiation therapy

Meet 15 professors dedicated to teaching the art and science of administering radiation therapy and helping to treat cancer patients safely and skillfully.

two medical professionals read electroneurodiagnostic printout

Learn more about the research and teaching interests of skilled professors of neurodiagnostic technology who have years of experience in the field.

Female and male EMT's respond to an accident

In order to be a great EMT or paramedic, it is necessary to learn the craft from experienced professors and veterans of the field. These professors have spent decades working to save lives on a minute's notice. They'll help you develop the techniques and tools to keep people alive longer, and make critical life-or-death decisions.

dental lab technician articulating dentures and perfecting bite

The world of dental technology is an ever-changing landscape of information and implementation. These 10 dental lab scientists and technologists are at the forefront of the way that oral specialists help patients. They are leaders of research, publication, education, and innovation helping to define the future of dentistry.

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In order to keep up with the pace of healthcare, savvy administrators manage people, records, and other work tasks with high-performing web applications. These 10 apps are changing the way that administrators connect with both team members and patients.

doctor and nurse consult with dialysis patient

Dialysis technology, or nephrology technology, is the study of how medical equipment and scientific advancements can help cure illnesses and alleviate disease symptoms associated with the kidneys, such as kidney failure. Whether it's discovering new treatment methods or developing machines to make dialysis technology more effective, these 15 professors are on the vanguard of the field.

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As with every field of study that lies along the razor-sharp edge of technology, information and system relevance changes at lightning speed. These 15 professors are the ones who are literally writing the textbooks that define nursing informatics and paving the way for the next generation of nursing information professionals.

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You can find amazing professors in even the most humble places. Here are the Clinical Science teachers, researchers, and leaders that will help you make your mark on the world without necessarily breaking the bank.

nursing informatics instructor and student

Health information technology (HIT) combines medical science, computer science, information technology, and medical health record management to give doctors, medical practitioners, and patients better tools to identify, treat, and recover from injury and illness. Here are top movers and shakers in the world of HIT academia, helping to advance the field in myriad ways.