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These medical technology features offer insights from seasoned professionals in the field through interviews and expert-written content. They explore issues within specific medical field communities, what to know before entering various careers, and valuable perspectives from contemporary leaders and professors.
nurse types on laptop

As with every field of study that lies along the razor-sharp edge of technology, information and system relevance changes at lightning speed. These 15 professors are the ones who are literally writing the textbooks that define nursing informatics and paving the way for the next generation of nursing information professionals.

clinical lab scientists review slide

You can find amazing professors in even the most humble places. Here are the Clinical Science teachers, researchers, and leaders that will help you make your mark on the world without necessarily breaking the bank.

nursing informatics instructor and student

Health information technology (HIT) combines medical science, computer science, information technology, and medical health record management to give doctors, medical practitioners, and patients better tools to identify, treat, and recover from injury and illness. Here are top movers and shakers in the world of HIT academia, helping to advance the field in myriad ways.

anesthesiologist, applies mask to patient as surgeon looks on

Anesthesiology is a growing field that is both demanding and rewarding. In order to have the best clinical and educational experiences possible, it is vital to connect with professors who are leaders in education, research, and methodology. Meet and learn more about these leading professors in the field.

Radiology reviews backlit x-ray scans

The country is in dire need of radiation professionals, according to one expert, who describes the career opportunities as diverse and also potentially terrific – especially for women.

phlebotomist assisting patient

Phlebotomy is about much more than sticking people with needles. These 25 professors have made drawing blood a true art form. With backgrounds in pathology, nursing, and civil service, these teachers bring to bear a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience, to the benefit of their students.

dental hygiene tools, with hygienist in background

Many people don't realize the impact that their teeth have on their overall health. These distinguished professors of Dental Hygiene are the perfect people to have as mentors in this interesting and rewarding field of study.

ultrasound transducer probe

Sonographers are an essential component of any medical team. They probe the inner body to help doctors diagnose and remedy a plethora of medical conditions. Sonographers save lives through their effective imaging techniques.

radiologist with technologist, holding up and pointing to a detail of an x-ray

Top Radiology Professors

March 9, 2015

Radiology is a medical career that is constantly adapting to the newest research. In order to get the best, most relevant degree possible, consider taking courses from one of these 25 innovators in the field of Radiologic Imaging.

pharmacy professor and student

Top Pharmacy Professors

March 2, 2015

Taking a pharmacy course will give you valuable information. But, if you take a course from one of these 25 thought leaders in pharmacy education, you are likely to get a leg up on your post-graduate job competition. From leaders in educational methods to celebrated speakers and cutting-edge researchers, this list is the definitive place to find the teacher that can open the door to lifelong professional connections.