15 Useful Mobile Apps for Medical Lab Technicians & Scientists

Smartphones are so common now that most people have come realize they are useful for more than a game of Candy Crush. One study even predicted that in 2015, more than 500 million smartphone users worldwide would be using health related apps. But patients are not the only ones who find mobile applications useful. Medical professionals around the world are already widely using a variety of apps to assist with diagnoses, patient tracking, pharmaceutical interaction data, and much more.

Medical technologists as well as physicians can get a great deal of fast, easy to parse information from the right apps, as long as they know which ones to use. The following apps should be particularly helpful for medical technologists. Unless otherwise noted, the following apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and can be downloaded from the App Store as well as Google Play.

Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD is one of the most popular clinical calculator applications available. The app is divided into multiple specialties, including cardiology, hematology, and neurology, which means that it could be useful for many different technologists. By answering a few simple questions, the app can help to calculate different risk factors and diagnoses, making it invaluable when technologists interface with physicians.

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While medical technologists do not prescribe medication, it is still a good idea for them to be familiar with Epocrates, which is one of the top apps in the medical field. This free application contains a database of pharmaceuticals and can make physicians aware of possible adverse interactions and help to identify better patient solutions.

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Staying connected to other healthcare professionals is an important part of career development as a medical technologist. Doximity is a mobile application and social network that is only open to physicians, medical students, and clinically-practicing healthcare professionals. In addition to its networking capabilities, it features HIPAA-compliant faxing directly from the app.

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CardioSmart Explorer (for ACC Members)

For cardiovascular technologists, there are a number of mobile applications available to those who become Cardiovascular Team members with the American College of Cardiology. CardioSmart Explorer is particularly useful, enhancing the clinician and patient relationship with high resolution cardiac graphics and animations.

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The ERres application is ideal for EMTs, Paramedics, or any medical technologist working in the emergency field. The app includes concise information that is supported with clear graphics, covering a variety of medical emergencies and trauma situations.

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Merck Manual

While a hardcopy of the Merck Manual is still commonplace in most physicians' offices, the mobile version is much easier to transport and includes the same information on a variety of disorders and diseases. The app is also easy to navigate by symptom, section, or using the index, and currently costs $34.99.

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ECG Source

Another app that cardiovascular technologists may well want to invest in is ECG Source. For just $1.99, this app gives a thorough overview of cardiovascular rhythms and 12-lead ECGs. It is a perfect way for techs to review their knowledge and put it to the test with built-in quizzes.

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The LabGear app contains peer reviewed content for all healthcare professionals. This application contains a comprehensive library of medical lab tests including blood, hormone, cardiovascular, immunology, and other tests. The app makes it easy for medical technologists and their colleagues to order and interpret testing of all types, and comes in an intuitive and portable format.

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ICD 10 Lite 2013

Medical coding and billing is a necessary part of the job for many medical technologists. The ICD 10 Lite 2013 mobile app, available for both Apple and Android, is one of the top rated ICD-10 applications available and includes the 2013 code updates. This app will certainly come in handy for medical technologists who need to communicate readily will billing and coding departments, and will be especially handy for health information technologists who manage medical records themselves.

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Mobile MIM

Designed by radiology software company MIM Software, Mobile MIM is an incredibly useful app for radiologic or MRI technologists. This application, when paired with the branded MIMcloud, allows technologists and physicians to actually view MRI results on an iPhone or iPad. Unlike many medical apps, Mobile MIM has been approved by the FDA. Navigating the app is easy and its portability means that consultations and diagnoses can be that much more flexible and efficient.

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Gauss Pixel App

Any surgical technologist can tell you that assisting with surgery can be a stressful endeavor. The Gauss Pixel App is one more tool that can make the job easier. It is another FDA approved app and it was designed to help track the amount of blood lost during a surgical procedure. The user can simply take a photo of the surgical sponges used during the procedure and quickly calculate how much blood was lost, which is much more accurate than previous estimation methods.



Like Mobile MIM, ResolutionMD is a medical viewing app that streams patient data from different imaging devices, making it another great choice for MRI or radiologic technologists. It is important to note, however, that the app is HIPAA compliant and no sensitive patient information is transmitted. The app makes these visualizations easy and fast on a smartphone or tablet.

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NEJM Image Challenge

While the NEJM Image Challenge app may not be the most useful in terms of clinical applications, it can be quite fun and a good way for imaging technologists to stay on their toes. This app, available only for iPhone, lets users look at sample images and choose from multiple choices as to what the diagnosis for an anonymous patient is likely to be. The app currently costs $2.99 in the App Store.

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Visible Body

Whether you are a medical technologist, a physical therapist, or an undergraduate student with dreams of being a doctor, you could probably stand to brush up on your anatomy. The Visible Body mobile app is an interactive experience, offering full 3D views of all the human body systems. The app has been reviewed by medical professionals for accuracy.

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The clinical decision support app UpToDate contains a spectrum of medical data and is updated with the latest knowledge, making it a living app. Additionally, UpToDate is an accredited resource for many different organizations, meaning some technologists can actually earn continuing education credits through use of the app.

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